Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wow, I guess I suck at this whole blogger thing.

June of last year. That was the last time I posted.

School becomes this all-consuming entity in my life from late September to early June. Being a single mom and a full time student, on top of attempting to create a life outside of it all to maintain my sanity is a lot to say the absolute least. However, I think it's spaces like this that I take for granted. There has been so much that I could have brought to this page as a new vegan. I think I just celebrated a year this month. Well, the start of this blog was the start of my veganism. Aw... <3

I think I wasn't really sure what I wanted to put in this space. Food, life... Whatever. Being vegan this past year has been some what predictable. The questions, the accusations, THE SAME QUESTIONS, a new found love for cooking, new ideals and values, joining a lively community of people like me, it all has been interesting.

I think what brought me back here today was that I'm cutting wheat & gluten out of my diet. I've been tossing around this idea for the past 6 months after my grandmother and 2 of her daughters were thought to have celiac. I've always had troubles with digesting wheat & gluten. I have had a few week runs over this past 6 months where I gave it a go and the results were incredible! I felt amazing! I don't know what keeps bringing me back, but I fall back into the wheat game and I'm miserable again.

With summer coming, I don't have the distraction of school messing with my attempts at getting this right! Summer is where I acheive my resolutions.

So... I'm day 1ish of no wheat, no gluten... and feeling good about getting this to stick. I just need to remember that This is like that whole vegan chapter I opened up. It took a lot of research for me to understand what I needed to do for myself. I can do this. I've done it before!